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10 Ways to Stay Challenged in Orchestra

There is a great article by Laurie Niles on that goes through a lot of the reasons I think kids should sign up for beginner orchestra, even if they’re not a beginner. This article is for something different. Let’s say your child comes to … Continue reading

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Where things stand

It’s funny how the issues facing a new string program in Kenya are extremely similar to the issues music educators are facing in the States: – Pull-out classes (where students are pulled out of class to attend music lessons) are, … Continue reading

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Thank you…

There are so many people here who have made my stay memorable, but I want to particularly thank the staff of the Thiiri Centre. Without them, my stay would have taken on an entirely different path. They were always there … Continue reading

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To Nairobi

Tomorrow, I am off to Nairobi, and then to Amsterdam and Prague. It is time to go home. I think I have either stayed 5 weeks too long, or 5 months too short. I miss my friends the most, but I also … Continue reading

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Wrapping up

This afternoon, I saw the Bishop and Marilyn having a quiet lunch together, so I decided to ask if they wouldn’t mind some extra company. I was planning on having a light-hearted chat with the two of them when the … Continue reading

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