Choir contest

The women’s ministries of each of the Methodist churches in the area had a festival on Saturday, July 30th. The Beighley family and I visited there, hoping to hide in the back in the grassy area and just observe. We were successful for about 3 minutes when we were spotted by someone who knew me from the primary school. She came up to the five of us and asked us to come with her. Little did we know were being led to the pavillion where the judges were seated. There were only about 15 men out of the hundreds of people at the festival, and it was them, us and the judges in this pavillion. The choir faced the pavillion, with their backs to the throngs of women who were their to either participate (as singers, dancers, actors, Bible verse reciters…) or to observe.

I can’t seem to upload my videos to YouTube, so I’ll provide a link on my website. You should be able to click on the link and watch the two videos of different choirs. During the first choir, I couldn’t recognize the harmonies, so I thought it was just out of tune. (Well, it actually *was* out of tune at first, but by the time I recorded it, the intonation had improved considerably.) The second choir was the only one to have percussion (drum and washboard), so I recorded that one too. We ended up seeing only 5 choirs, and each was very different. Each choir walked in, introduced themselves to the judges, and then sang one to three songs. I heard that earlier in the day, each women’s group had one person recite a memorized Bible verse as part of the competition. There was supposed to be dancing later in the day, and we were told was a shame that we had to miss it because it was the best part.

To see the videos, visit this link. The videos are loading and will be active once the load is finished.

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