Boniface’s first recital

Boniface gave his first violin recital on Friday, July 29th. It was very laid back. In the audience were Marilyn, the Beighley family from San Francisco, and the group of about 15 people from the Seattle area. Boniface was really tired after a long day of preparing the kids for their trip to the Nakuru music contest the next day, but he was a trooper for doing the recital. We played: Allegro, Song of the Wind, Lightly Row, “Wish I Had a Monkey” Twinkle, and Twinkle theme. The best part, to me, was that Boniface made his “teacher” debut, because he played the harmony part of the Twinkles.

A couple of the people in the audience commented to me later how it was really great to see Boniface beaming after each piece. He really was visibly proud of himself, and I think that, despite his shyness, he enjoyed sharing his new skill on the violin.

To see the videos, visit this link. The videos are loading and will be active once the load is finished.

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