I’m practically a native!

I hopped in a cab today. It was totally full, so I did what other people do, and I went for the hatchback to climb in the hatchback. Then some people started calling out to me, and I realized that the guy in the front seat was getting out to climb in the hatchback. He relinquished his seat so that I could sit up front. Woah! My first experience with a stranger showing deference to me as either a woman or a newcomer.

Then when I asked for the fare, the guy smiled at me and said, “Thisxty.” It took me a while… but then I realized that he was saying sixty. Woah #2! I didn’t have to tell him what the fare really was, because he was charging me the correct fare.

For the first time, someone didn’t try to rip me off in a taxi!

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