Found my soles

Not my soul, but my soles. I ditched them yesterday, and then felt like a jerk for not saving them for someone who needs shoes. I wrote about it here:

Well, when I was walking to Nakumatt again today, I looked around and actually found them! They were in the ditch. It’s about a 3 foot ditch, so I had to jump in the ditch, grab the soles, and then shimmy myself up the walls of the ditch and jump out.

I attract a lot of attention at all times, just for the color of my skin. But when I jumped IN the ditch, absolutely everyone around me was staring at me. When I jumped OUT of the ditch with two soles in my hand, I wonder what the people were thinking of me.

I was just so happy to find my soles. When I came back to the Thiiri Centre, I found Jane and gave them to her. She laughed so hard that I actually jumped in the ditch to get them. I’m glad someone will use my shoes, though!

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