Boniface’s band is 2nd in the nation!

Boniface took his high school band to the lake town of Nakuru this weekend. They competed today in a national music contest. He and the kids were extremely excited to go, especially after having the opportunity to work with Jim, the visiting band director.

The band was scheduled to play at 2pm, so I wasn’t going to call Boniface until about 5pm. I figured that with the Kenyan time culture, they wouldn’t even play until 3 or 4. But I got a call from Boniface at 3:00 saying that the band got 2nd place. Super!

To keep it real, there were 6 groups that were competing, and 2 didn’t show up. But still, that’s 2nd place out of four groups. Not bad. Congratulations to Boniface and to the band! I’m sure this will propel and motivate them into the new semester!

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