Only overcharged by 400%!

It’s a good sign to be overcharged by 400%. At least it’s not the 14,000% I was overcharged the first time.

When I hailed my first taxi in downtown Meru, I knew it should have been 60 Ksh (Kenyan Shillings). When I asked for the cost of my fare, the guy looked at me up and down (seriously), waited a little, and then said, “It will be 7,000.” That’s something like $80 for a 4 mile ride. Then I put my game face on and made sure I was charged the correct fare.

TODAY, when I hailed a cab, he only tried to charge me 200 Ksh. Whoopee! I know it’s still 400% over the normal fare, but at least I don’t look like a 14,000% tourist anymore.

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