Music to my ears

Today, Boniface and I taught for the first time at the Thiiri Centre. The kids are on vacation, so we brought the violins to the place where I am staying and the kids are coming to us for lessons. Only the kids who live within walking distance were invited, so it’s not everyone. We have divided the kids by ability level, so that the more advanced kids can really soar. When they go back to the school, they will be divided again by grade level.

After we taught, and after Boniface taught his band, he came back to the Thiiri Centre for some more training with me. He told me today that he was “excited” to play for the kids. On top of that, he said that he is “feeling confident” about teaching the violin. It was music to my ears!

He hasn’t talked like that since I came here, and this is the first day he really was dynamic in his participation in violin lessons. Until now, he has played second fiddle, as it were, asking me what I thought he should do next, asking me if he sounded okay. But today, he was taking over class from me and even joining in with me as I demonstrated for the kids. It was great!

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1 Response to Music to my ears

  1. This sounds like a wonderful adventure, Andrea! And so beneficial to the students. My daughter taught cello in the Kingdom of Tonga one summer. It reminds me a little of that.

    I sent you an e-mail today–hope you received it. About your recording of In Memoriam for solo cello in Texas, 2003.

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