Things are looking up

I was really discouraged last week – the training with Boniface wasn’t happening, and my time was limited with the kids due to school-wide exams. But after having an American-style talk, where I said either it goes a certain way or I am going home, things seem to be looking up. I know I was kind of being an ugly American, but I just couldn’t deal with three to four day spans where I only had 3 or 4 hours to work with Boniface… and no time with the kids. It was like being on a vacation, only I had no friends or family around, no where to go, and unreliable internet.

I think that talk helped, because things were looking WAY up today. When I got to the school, Boniface had a list of names of kids who can actually come to the Thiiri Centre for violin lessons during their vacation. Score! An exciting development! We will bring the violins from the school tomorrow, and then teach them here at the homestead starting on Thursday. This is a good situation on two fronts: I get to roll out of bed and teach 🙂 , and the kids will feel special coming to this really fancy place.


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  1. This is excellent! Great news! (Sorry — I’m behind on blog reading.)

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