Jim, the band director

There is a man named Jim who came over the weekend. He is recently retired (3 weeks ago) after teaching band for some 35 years. He is here with a group from Seattle, and he has decided that he can help more if he is with Boniface than if he goes around with his own group. So nice! He is taking 2 hours out of every day to work with Boniface and the band. He really seems to know what he is doing.

On Friday, I worked with the band for the first time, and all I had time to do was to work on intonation and some tone and dynamics. I wasn’t good at working on a variety of things because I don’t know these band instruments very well. Plus, it was the first time that they had ever tuned anything, discussed tone or dealt with dynamics at all. Boniface is great at what he knows how to do, but he doesn’t have any training in rehearsing these groups.

With Jim’s experience, he was able to get a LOT done in one rehearsal. Boniface and the kids were so excited, according to Boniface’s account. Jim worked on these things, all new to them: intonation, Bb Major scale, tone, slurring, dynamics. Plus, he had his mouthpiece, so he was able to demonstrate on the trumpet – he played SO high that he kids were in wonderment that they might ever play those notes.

Even better is that Boniface is leaving for a music contest with his band on Saturday, so this is great preparation for their first competition. Boniface was visibly inspired by Jim’s rehearsal today. I’m so glad that he is able to help!

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