Stories about the kids (finally)

I wish I had more posts about teaching the students and training Boniface, but I just don’t. It’s completely frustrating. The kids have been in exams, so today was the first time I had seen them in three days. And they go on vacation on Tuesday. Arg!

On the positive side, the kids did a great job today. They had exams in the morning, so we only had a half day. Boniface and I saw both classes of Grade 6, and it’s all going smoothly. Boniface taught both classes, and consulted me when he felt as though he ran out of ideas. He is gaining confidence and swagger (I taught him that word yesterday) in his teaching. For the kids, it is obvious to me that all they need is consistency and follow-through to keep moving on the violin. Without it, they will become restless with the lack of progress.

I spent some time today going in and out of classes, playing the various Suzuki tunes for them so that they become familiar with the songs. My favorite was Grade 4, most of whom have been playing the violin. I played Lightly Row for them, and they were pretty much sitting quietly, wondering why I was standing in front of their room playing my violin. Then some of the clowns started getting up and dancing, which everyone found really funny. So the kids started standing and walking closer to me. By the time I finished playing Song of the Wind, they were clapping and dancing, and to my utter joy, singing with me while I played the song.

They asked me to play more and more, so I played Song of the Wind about 10 times. I played Lightly Row about 5. Then I played some of the Twinkles for them. They were able to sing and dance along with most of the tunes by the end of it. Mission accomplished!

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1 Response to Stories about the kids (finally)

  1. megan says:

    Brilliant. Of course you have to play for them to familiarize them with the music. Good thing they loved it!

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