Kenyans are to scheduling as Americans are to relaxing

It doesn’t come easily to the Kenyans that I’ve met to schedule ahead. One day ahead of time is fine, but one week seems to be a burden. This makes my time here some kind of Buddhist practice session… I have to be a bamboo shoot in the wind: strong, but still able to sway and bend.

When I first came here, I knew that there was some kind of vacation at the end of July. I didn’t know exactly when, and anytime I asked, I was told (even by the principal) that I need to wait because no one knew the dates off the top of their head. It seems that the dates weren’t even scheduled yet.

I finally found out yesterday that the kids will have school until July 25th, and they return on August 8th. This is a two week break from the kids. Bummer.

And then I found out today that there are exams tomorrow for three days. So there are another three days without the kids. Surprise bummer.

I will work with Boniface all day tomorrow. This gives us time to really progress. We have only had a couple of hours a day to work, so it will actually be a blessing in disguise.


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