A day in my life

This is way too much detail, but this is a result of my having a serious amount of free time.

* 8 or 8:30am Wake up to sounds of rooster or dog. Reach for iPhone, play Creeps, then roll out of bed.
* 8:30am If no one is already in the kitchen preparing lunch, wake up the cockroaches in the kitchen. Get myself a bowl. Wipe off something’s dung from the bowl. Pour a bowl of Rice Crispies. Get a strainer and the jug of milk from the refrigerator. Strain the clumps from the milk into my cereal bowl. Enjoy cereal in the sunshine and 70 degree weather. Practice my Kimeru greetings on all of the staff I see.
* 9am Check e-mail, write a blog entry, check my laptop for episodes of Top Chef that have probably been cancelled during the night, or check on my YouTube uploads that have probably cancelled during the night.
* 10am Go to my room, put on sunscreen, get my sun hat (which makes it obvious that I am a dork), sunglasses, camera and rosin.
* 10:05am Walk to school
* 10:35am Teach a violin class
* 11:15am Work with Boniface on violin
* 12pm Walk back to Thiiri Centre for lunch of a concoction of mashed potatoes and beans with a side of stewed cabbage. Shoo ant out of my cabbage. Read Eat, Pray, Love on my Kindle, check the internet, lie down and relax.
* 1:30 Walk back to school
* 2pm Teach two violin classes. We work on “Wish I had a Monkey” variation of Twinkle.
* 3:15pm Teach two of the three boys (one is sick) that have been chosen for the fast-track “demonstration” group. We work on “Wish I had a Monkey” and also “Ice Cream Cone” variations of Twinkle. I introduce “Run Zebra” rhythm as well.
* 4pm Walk back to Thiiri. Swim, shower, read Kindle, hang out with staff.
* 6pm Spaghetti dinner on the porch, overlooking people swimming. I’m the only guest at the moment, so I eat by myself. Ann, on the staff, joins me to talk mid-way through my eating dinner.
* 6:30pm Boniface arrives at Thiiri to work. We are both tired, so we decide to work on violin tomorrow. I arrange the Kenyan National Anthem for his band to play, maybe as soon as mid-August in a marching event in downtown Meru.
* 7pm More internet. I’ll hang out with Victor, whom I call Boss. Boss runs the computer room at night. Before leaving, start a bunch of downloads that will cripple the system during the night.
* 9:30pm-ish is when I’ll head back to room. I’ll probably watch an episode of Top Chef, play Creeps or Fruit Ninja, read Kindle, write postcards. And then I’ll use my bow case from bed to turn off the light because I’m too lazy to get out of bed.

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2 Responses to A day in my life

  1. debbie torch says:

    Totally charming!!! Keep the posts coming, I love reading them!
    Debbie Torch

  2. Erika says:

    Mmm. Curdled milk. 🙂

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