I just eavesdropped in Kimeru!!

For the last three or four days, I have been spontaneously asking people, “Kawina nthu?” It means, “Are you crazy?” I like this phrase because it usually throws people off and makes them smile or laugh. Even more fun is that I usually expect and wait for their answer. I’ve been saying it so much that people keep asking me the same question now. Without the ability to go on the town at night and hang out with friends, it’s my own little form of mini-entertainment.

Just now, I didn’t even realize that I was listening to a conversation behind me when suddenly I realized that I heard “Kawina nthu?” in the conversation. I let out a little laugh, and then the people talking realized what they had said. We all laughed and celebrated, because we all knew that I actually UNDERSTOOD something for real. Hooray!

I also know numbers. I can count to 10 without thinking, and I think I can count to 99, maybe even 999. So at church today, when I was listening to the Bible readings, I could understand when they said, for example, “Mark 6:1-8” because I knew my numbers! It was pretty exciting.

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1 Response to I just eavesdropped in Kimeru!!

  1. Titus Mutuma Ringera says:

    I come from Meru and Thiiri Center, which you mentioned here, is just in my neighbourhood. I worship with a congregation that has been having mission work in Isiolo too. Maybe we met in meru!!

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