Goodbye Neale! :(

Tonight is Neale’s last night. Too bad! It’s been nice having a companion here. I will always have Victor as a late-night computer lab partner, but it’s also nice having someone with whom to eat my meals, and someone with whom to decompress after a day of work. Neale has been working on a project focusing on the accuracy of malaria tests at three local hospitals.

He has also been working with a Kenyan Methodist University (KeMU) professor, Peter Ndege. (Peter’s last name makes Victor giggle whenever he hears it, because he says it is an uncommon name and means airplane). Mr. Ndege invited us to his home tonight to have dinner with his wife and son. His wife, Beatrice, made a tasty meal for us, and we relaxed in their huge home. They have lived in the States before, so it was easy to relax with them. They were familiar with our American mannerisms.

And their son, Alex, was really cute. He is 7 years old, and was super playful. I taught him a few games, while we adults had tea, dinner, and tea again. We were there for three hours, and it was a really nice time.

I might help Mr. Ndege to make a website for his NGO (non-governmental organization). I hope he can get me some papers to put online so that I can make use of my free time at night here. I could be arranging music for the fall or writing a paper, but helping him with website creation for an NGO sounds like a lot more fun.

So tomorrow at 6am, Neale leaves. Darn. Have a good trip, Neale!

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2 Responses to Goodbye Neale! :(

  1. tcharlesyun says:

    w/r/t website creation, are you considering the well formed super-structures that exist with tumblr/wordpress/etc or are you thinking something personalized (html assistance software) or true custom (from scratch). just curious

  2. andrea says:

    I was just going to do a WordPress ma-bobber. Nothing extensive. He just wants something online, and when he gets time he’ll do something real later.

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