Pics from my walk

Pictures from my walk to school
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  1. Andrea,
    Julia taught me clarinet between 1965 and 1967 when I was a schoolboy in Kenya. I also met Dick and with both of them did a Mozart “concert” for children near Nyeri (Dick also memorably during the interval made his bassoon sound like a motorbike and had the kids falling about laughing). I also played a couple of times in the Nairobi Orchestra (Bach’s Christmas Oratorio was one such concert) as a result of Julia’s encouragement, and made a few visits to the Kenya Music festival where Julia also played. I have often wondered what happened to them, and had assumed they would now be occupying a cottage somewhere in Cheshire. But no! I would love to contact them again so would you be able to forward this to them or supply their email address? Many thanks.
    Geoffrey Jordan

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