I’m going to Nairobi tomorrow to meet the conductor of the Nairobi Orchestra. I’m hoping that this leads me to meet violinists who might be able to be convinced/employed to come to Meru to work with Boniface on the violin. We’ll see how it works out!

I get to ride in a matatu (bus) for the third time in my life. Again, it’s a life risk that I’m going to have to take! I’m actually kind of excited to ride it this time, because I think I know what I’m doing.

I think…

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3 Responses to Nairobi

  1. Wendy Azrak says:

    Good luck with the ride and especially finding a resource for Boniface.

  2. tcharlesyun says:

    you have only been on a bus 3 times in your life? or is this one of “their” buses?

  3. andrea says:

    watching one of their buses go down the street is like watching a bus on a bugs bunny movie careening down the road, riding on two wheels, then turning, and then riding on the other two wheels. it’s terrifying at times.

    for my safari, i measured the degrees carefully. we were pitched at about 25 degrees to one side of the car.

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