Seeing the kids for the first time

Finally! Watching Boniface teach the kids made everything clear to me. He is extremely uncomfortable teaching the violin, because we didn’t do enough training for him to be comfortable. So was I was watching him work on the same things that we did while we were here the last time, six months ago, I realized that the bulk of my time needs to be in training with him.

Of course I will work with the students too. I think that this will give him ideas of what to do, and how to mix things up. The style of teaching here is very verbal, so there isn’t much “discovery” learning. When Boniface saw a few things I was doing while I was teaching, he was excited about how the kids got involved. It was good to know that he recognized the reason I was doing things.

I remembered about 5 of the names for the 20 kids I saw, which surprised me. They were extremely receptive to learning. They are so well-behaved and quiet. This may be because I am new, but I don’t think so. I know that they can be crazy and loud, because I see it on the playground. But in the classroom they are able to keep the craziness in check.

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