Learn Kimeru!

I love learning languages, especially when I travel. Kimeru is the tribal language of the Meru people. Meru could mean Meru province, Meru county, Meru district…

Most kids speak only Kimeru before 3rd grade, at which time they learn Swahili, one of the national languages. By Grade 5, they are also learning English, the other national languages. So knowing Kimeru comes in handy when I am walking in the street and pass someone who is older, or someone who is very young. I also make sure to greet people in Kimeru, even though they know English, because it’s not only respectful, but also way more fun.

I have a Google Document of all of the phrases I’ve learned so far. Neale, who is here from the University of Michigan, sent me a pdf of a LOT of useful phrases, but my list involves only what I have used. By the end of my stay, I hope to have learned all of Neale’s list as well.

Here is my document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aL7aqutiNKKhft87KL7uo_C5bRqmqljDbtAxhQ4Ksps/edit?hl=en_US

Pretty soon, I hope to make a “Matatu for Dummies” document. I’m sure it exists somewhere, but I want to make it specific to the Thiiri Centre so that all of the visitors here can use it! (A matatu is like a Kenyan VW minibus that squishes as many people as possible in it as it barrels down the street like a bullet. Riding one is a life-risk that you have to take in Kenya.)

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9 Responses to Learn Kimeru!

  1. tcharlesyun says:

    you should try to record different people saying the same set of words (introducing themselves and then counting from 1 to 10) and then saying a few sentences. it would be sorta cool for a non-speaker to see the variations in language (tone, speed, etc) between people.

  2. andrea says:

    Ooh good idea.

  3. Andrea,

    I can’t access your document. Could you send it in a PDF format?

  4. Could you send me the list the University of Michigan sent to you?

  5. andrea says:

    it is included in my list above

  6. andrea says:

    Thank you muema!!

  7. KNKing says:

    Thank you Andrea and Muema! This began my journey to learning my language.. as a person who doesn’t reside in Kenya, it was a bit tricky learning the language but this made it so much easier! God Bless you !!

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