Curriculum game plan

I worked with two classes of Grade 5 yesterday. We reviewed bow holds and posture, as well as the “Wish I Had a Monkey” rhythm. We played through Twinkle and discussed the form. (Not sure they understood the form part) For this week, I hope that they can just learn to play Twinkle straight through, without stopping. Then next week, which is the last week before their vacation, I hope to teach them Lightly Row and Song of the Wind.

I also hope to pull aside five or ten kids in Grade 6 who are doing quite well. I want to work with them every day this week. I would like to teach them half of Book 1, if possible. Since there is no way for the kids to listen to CDs, I thought it might be nice if we have representative students who perform the Book 1 songs throughout the day. They can just play outside as other kids are in class or on the playground. Then it will be like a CD in the background. And if we choose grade 6 students, then we still have 2 more years for these kids to be leaders before they go to the high school. They can work with the younger ones and continue to excel on their own. I don’t like cherry-picking teacher’s pets, but I think it may be necessary.

I have yet to see the Grade 4 or Grade 6 students, so we’ll see if the plan changes. It seems to change every day.

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