Near miss on side of road

When vehicles pass a pedestrian on the road, they either give a lot of room, or else they usually honk. I have been walking on the right side of the road, since drivers drive on the left. This means that if a car is coming towards me on my side of the road, I should see it.  The other day, I heard a huge truck coming from behind me. “I’m okay,” I thought (mistake #1), since it should be on the far side of the road. So I didn’t move myself off of the road (mistake #2). Little did I know that there was a matatu that the huge truck was passing, so the big truck was on my side of the road. It felt like it came within inches of me. I totally threw my hands up in the air and then started to hug myself (mistake #3), as if that would make me any safer. I was obviously okay, but still hugging myself, when I realized that a bunch of people were staring at me. I can’t figure out whether they smiled because I was hugging myself, or because they sympathized with me. Cost: Free. Length: seconds.

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