Getting situated in the school

Today was my first day at the school. Even though there were no music classes today, I popped my head into two classrooms to say hello. It was really great to see the students again. I recognized many of their faces, and remembered some of their names.

I met with Moses, the headmaster of the BLISS Secondary School, and Josephine, the headmaster of the Bishop Primary School, where all the violin classes are held. There is currently some tension between some of the schools, so I have a feeling that I will have to use all of my diplomacy skills in navigating what to do next. Being caught in the mire between the two schools isn’t ideal, but it’s a reality.

I watched Boniface as he directed his BLISS Secondary School band today, and it was really fun to see them at work. I felt at home watching a music classroom. The kids show much more of their personalities at that age – the primary school students seem a lot more reserved than the high school students. It will be fun to get to know those kids too.

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