Matatu (bus) from Nairobi to Meru

Imagine a VW minibus, but made by Nissan. That is a matatu, the main mode of transportation for most Kenyans. This thing can book! It is a 14-seat van, including the driver. I was placed in the front seat, in the middle. My feet were exposed to some kind of axle on the floor, and my right theigh kept on getting in the way of the driver’s gear shaft. (They drive on the left, so the driver is on the right.) My seat was higher than the seats on either side of me, so to look out the window, I had to crane my neck down (for 4 hours) to see below the visor that wouldn’t stay up. The engine is below the front seat (there is no hood, basically) so the seat got super hot. As the driver careened around curves and around cars and trucks, I kept on getting jolted from side to side, with nothing to hang onto except my bag, which kept on sliding off of my legs. “If we look like we’re about to have a head-on collision, tuck your feet back so that they don’t get smashed in the front end of the car.” Needless to say, that ride was not fun. Cost: $3. Length: 4 hours.

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2 Responses to Matatu (bus) from Nairobi to Meru

  1. tcharlesyun says:

    pictures of the transport vehicles please.

  2. andrea says:

    I’m in the process of making/uploading a long video of my ride from Nairobi to Meru.

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