Safari van ride to the Masai Mara

When going to the Masai Mara, you can save about $400 by driving instead of flying. People say not to drive because it’s just not worth the $400, unless you want an “experience.” This “experience” is the most tiring car ride I’ve ever taken in my life. We were jolted not only up and down as we went over rocks, but also to the left and right as we went off of the paved road onto the shoulder. And paved is a generous term. The pavement had pot-holes that looked like a huge boulder had come from outer space and smashed into the concrete. So we often avoided the road and went on the dirt road. But we couldn’t go fully onto the dirt road because it was either too narrow or too bumpy.

Most of the time, we were driving with two wheels on the patchy pavement and two wheels on the dirt. But the dirt was usually not at the same level as the pavement. For about 15% of the trip, we were at a 25-30 degree angle to the horizon. I took careful measurement, because I didn’t want to exaggerate. I would look at the dashboard in comparison to the horizon, and then approximate 45 degrees, and then go from there.

I couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if we rolled over. I kept on giving myself emergency plans, like: “I’ll put my hand here and here, and  lodge my feet here. That way, if we roll over, I’ll be okay as long as the vehicle doesn’t totally buckle.” Not pleasant. Cost: $390 for the drive and also for the 3-day safari – a bargain! Length of drive: 2-hours.

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