Majorine “Parkay” Nasozi

Majorine “Parkay” Nasozi

Majorine, whom we have taken to calling “Parkay,” is a recent college graduate from Uganda. Marilyn has been sponsoring her for the past 10 years or so. Some of you know Marilyn’s history with Majorine, so I thought I would write a little about her.

Last year, Marilyn and Majorine met for the first time. It was a really special time for Marilyn, and I am sure it was for Majorine too. Parkay has been fitting in splendidly. She played her first game of Farkle two days ago, and schooled everyone that played. She also played last night, beating everyone until the very end, when Spud came from behind for the win.

Majorine is very bright. She has astounded us at how easily she is adjusting to our sense of humor, the quick wit of people like Wiley, and to the information that is thrown at us. At the Samburu village, for example, she seemed to remember everything our guide there told us. Parkay is learning the language here (Swahili) with great gusto. Earlier today, she called the other van driver, Julius, and “old man” in Swahili. Maybe it’s a you-had-to-be-there moment, but it was pretty funny.

Parkay really seemed to enjoy the Samburu village a lot. She got really into jumping with their dancing, wearing their jewelry, and asking questions about their people and way of life. She is adventurous with the foods she is trying – she tried jello for the first time today. Even though it wasn’t the right consistency (it didn’t jiggle), she seemed to like it. She’s also a good sport. She was graduated from college very recently, and we had her wear her cap and gown and walk down into the dining hall while we sang Pomp and Circumstance. She held her head high and put up with our antics.

It’s great to get to know her. She’s now more than a picture and stories to me, which is great. It’s also nice to have someone closer to my age here. We’ve had some fun taking silly pictures and just sitting around with each other. I’m glad she’s here!

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