About our safari trips

There is no way to really describe these safari trips. Let me try to start by saying that it is kind of like a cruise, but in Africa. The rooms are decked out, with service people helping you at every turn. If I wanted them to scratch my back, I think they would’ve done it. The rooms are amazing. In our second location, called Sweetwater, we were located in tented camps. When I heard the word tent, I thought of the two-person tent that I used to camp in Michigan. But in fact, this is a two room tent that is the size of a hotel room. It has a porcelain toilet and sink, as well as running water and a stand-up shower. There are shelves, a mirror, tiled floors, rugs, a desk, a king-size bed, four different lights, and an electrical outlet. I can also pay for internet by the hour, which is how I’m going to upload these recent entries. The food is buffet-style, with top-end food of every culture to please any tongue. Fresh fruit abounds, which is my favorite, as well as all kinds of meat dishes, vegetable dishes and desserts.

The safari has been an absolute success. There is a grouping called the “Big 5,” which are the elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and cape buffalo. To see all 5 is supposed to be a success, and we have seen all 5 in three days. Our guide, Joshua, said that there are times when he goes out for a 7-day safari, and doesn’t see all the five. I’m most happy about seeing giraffe so close to me! We are all very happy with the experience we’ve had. It’s a bumpy ride through the bush and the terrain, but it’s totally worth it. I am surprised at the end of each ride at how tired I get – it is from a combination of the heat and hanging on during the ride. We have seen all sorts of animals and birds, and I can’t wait to share them on here. But since I have limited internet access, that will have to wait until I get to the Netherlands.

We leave tomorrow morning, spend some time in Nairobi at the Methodist Guest House where we stayed on our first night, and then go to the airport.

Fun fact for the day: My new nickname is Jackie, because so many Kenyans here think I look like Jackie Chan. I have also been spontaneously called “taka taka,” which means “garbage” in Swahili. It started from our driver, Joshua. Majorine, Marilyn’s “daughter” from Uganda, is now called “Parkay,” for reasons that I think are obvious. You can thank Ann Schoelles for that one. Bill is now called “Spud,” but I don’t think he likes that one.

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