Food to cook when I go home

Fri., Jan. 28. Henry, the cook here is fantastic. He makes feasts for us that we cannot stop eating. I’ve been asking him how to make things, and he’s always very gracious about it. I’m sure I can find similar recipes online, but at least I can remember how his tastes so that I can try to reproduce it. So that I don’t forget about these recipes, I thought I’d write my notes down, but I might as well post them here for anyone who is interested. Henry said I can join him in the kitchen someday if I want to. I hope I have time for that!

I went into the kitchen today and hung out, cut vegetables, tried to steal some recipes. So much fun to just be in the kitchen! Looks like I’m going to spend part of the day on Sunday in the kitchen, watching them make lots of food, hopefully. I’ll probably be put to work, which is good!

Mchuzi: I bought mchuzi mix from Nakumatt today. Apparently, it is a flavoring for meat. Some Kenyans that Joshua, our driver, knows buy this mix by the box to take to the States to have African food at home. I hear this is a cop-out, but at least it’ll be easy!

Manjano: I also bought manjano mix, which is some kind of tumeric blend. I think you add it to rice, but I’m not really sure. I’ll know when I get home and eat it!

Wed., Feb. 2. Isaac, who is another cook, is much better at giving me more description when talking about how I can make this food at home. I got some more specific recipes from him:

Pumpkin soup: Peel and gut pumpkin, using only meat of pumpkin. 1 pumpkin, 2 carrots, celery. Boil and mash. Add 3 really small onions, 3 cloves garlic, ginger, basil, parsley, cream, and water. Boil/simmer for 1 hour. Strain, salt and pepper. Garnish with crouton.

Fried bananas (or pineapple): Flour and baking soda (to make the batter light) should make a light coating on the back of a spoon if you put the spoon in it. Add sugar, egg white, a little milk, water. Whisk until it is mixed and light. Roll banana in it. Deep fry… which means I’ll need a deep fryer!

Thurs., Feb. 3. Tasty boiled bananas: We had this dish today that was kind of liked baked potatoes, but it was bananas. It was sooooo tasty. You fry a green banana with onion, fat, and a little soy sauce. Add this spice called “aramat,” and if you want, add ginger and garlic and other basic things… no leafy green herbs. Boil it in water, and there you have it. It was served with a consistency of potatoes, and the sauce was a little bit thick.

Sat., Feb. 5. Mashed potatoes with bananas: It’s just that. We’ve had it a few times, and I’m going to try it. I’m sure I could add some spices and such, but it’s basically boiled potatoes and green bananas.

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