Concert: A Success! and our last day in Meru

Sat., Feb. 5; 9pm — Concert: A Success! and our last day in Meru

The concert was a big success! It started with the primary school students walking in their wooden chairs into the hall. It was mass chaos, and really interesting to see them form lines and aisles with no adult supervision. They are really good at monitoring themselves. When the little ones came in with their plastic chairs, they stole the show. It was so adorable.

There were a number of groups performing: the high school band played the national anthem and some short tunes; the primary school violinists played the E String Concerto, A String Concerto, I’m a Little Monkey (walking up E string), and Chopsticks (Triplets on E String); Boniface, the music teacher, performed a Swahili tune, Jambo, which the kids liked hearing very much; the primary school choir sang the song that they were practicing outside the other day (which I posted on here). The Bishop Lawi Imathiu was present, and he gave a very nice speech telling the community about what we were doing, and how much he and the people of Meru appreciated what we were doing with the kids.

After the kids played their first notes, the people in the audience were very excited about the sounds they heard. They are not used to the violin sound, so I think they started clapping because of the new sounds and the absolute cuteness:

When we were finished with the concert, the teachers and administrators of the school threw a huge dinner for us. They transformed the staff room into a dining hall, and they cooked an enormous and tasty Kenyan meal for us. The school board president talked to us about the function of the board, and it was interesting to hear how they were organized administratively.

That was yesterday. Today, the big news is Marilyn’s “daughter” is here from Uganda. Marilyn has been sponsoring Majorine since she was a little girl, I believe, and they met each other for the first time last year. Majorine is about to earn her college degree, if she hasn’t already received it. Today, Majorine boarded a plane for the first time in her life and left Uganda for the first time in her life. She arrived safely, and was brought from Nairobi to Meru tonight just before a big dinner that was thrown in our honor at the Thiiri Centre. Marilyn was worried all day about Majorine’s safe arrival, and was excited and relieved when she saw her for the first time today. Majorine is a beautiful girl – if any of you have seen her pictures, they don’t do her justice. She is elegant and graceful, beautiful and poised. Right now, Majorine is getting a taste of the good life by watching a game of Farkle or 3/13, I think. She might hear English trash-talking for the first time in her life as well! Welcome to Kenya, Majorine! After dinner, we Michigan people performed a little concert. The teachers played, and so did Orly, Lucy, and Eitan.

Tomorrow, we leave Meru to go to safari. We will be going to Samburu, which is home of the Samburu tribe and a big game reserve. We will also go to Sweetwater, and different game reserve. I am looking forward to LOTS of animal pictures in the coming days! I believe we will have internet while we are on safari, but I am not sure. If I do not have internet, I will update this blog when I get back to internet.

The biggest news of the day is that I might be able to come back to Kenya in the future! Stay tuned for more information on that!

Last day & Concert
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