2nd to last day with the kids

Our concert is tomorrow at 2pm, so today was our last day with our afternoon classes. We rehearsed how our concert is going to go. It went beautifully! The kids seem set-up to start learning with the local music teacher, Boniface. He should have a really good base on which to build in whatever way he chooses. Boniface has been working with Anne Ogren on teacher training, while we have been giving basics to the kids. Although Boniface is not a string player, he is diligent, quick to learn, and does not hesitate in jumping in to try new things. The kids will be in good hands when we leave!

I am finding that the Kenyan people that I know are very private people, and these kids are no exception. When we first came, there were very little changes of expression. They would look at us without smiling, without response. We would ask them to do things, and they would obediently follow, but there seemed to be no expression of emotion in response. Now that they know us and we know them better, we are able to see their personalities, their learning styles, their emotions. It has been a fantastic transformation.

Fun Fact: Today, as we were winding down from the day playing dice games after dinner, the head teacher’s son was sitting with us. He is 12. He was showing off, lighting matches and putting them out with his bare hands. He asked me to try it, and I did. He made it look so easy. Well, I did it successfully, and then the top of the match stuck to my finger and gave me a 2nd degree burn. Nice going, Andrea!


Second to last day

Video of kids singing a song and doing a type of line dance to it:

Video of our rehearsal for the concert tomorrow. The E String Concerto!! 🙂

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