Day 5 with the kids

Today I have so much more energy than the past two days. I think that the heat has broken a little. Most of you reading this are getting 1-2 feet of snow, yet we are over here roasting in the sun! Today, there was an incredible rainstorm on our tin roof where we teach. It was nearly impossible to get anything done, so we just marched around the room having fun instead of trying to be super-productive. Funny enough, one mile away, at the Thiiri Centre (where we sleep), there was no rain at all!

We are preparing for a concert on Friday, so we are going over the open-string pieces that we will perform, as well as trying to get in some more advanced things, like learning the notes to Twinkle and the rhythms for Twinkle that are in the Suzuki books. The students are all working so hard – it is really encouraging us to be better at what we’re doing. We teachers are all tired, but the kids are so enthusiastic that it is impossible to let our energy level droop. But when they leave, we all take a seat and gather our energy for the next crew!

Apparently, Ilan and Dolcy saw a group of 5 elephants today. They saw some locals, who led them under the electric fence, and they got really close-up shots of the elephants. I’m so jealous! That’s what I get for getting a ride back, when they chose to walk.

The animals are still keeping us up at night. The dogs were howling last night, keeping Marilyn up for at least an hour before I even heard him. When I heard the dog, I went outside, and shushed the dog. Then it stopped howling. That was all it took! I only wish the roosters were that easy to quell. The other morning, I heard a hornbill (bird) outside. I was so excited, but so tired. I decided after a few times of hearing it to go outside and try to videotape it making sounds. I went outside, in a half stupor with my camera, and noticed that the sounds were coming from the rooster coop. Then I realized, as I woke out of my daze, that I was actually hearing roosters, not any exotic hornbill. (Larry did tell me that he heard a hornbill early in the morning, which is probably what I heard the first time. But after that, I was just hearing roosters.) Marilyn laughed and laughed at me. She is still teasing me about that — poor Andrea.

I have a few short videos of various things. I hope to load them all, but I am clogging up the wi-fi connection here trying to get it all onto YouTube. So I’ll post whatever I have the time to load tonight! The Coca-Cola Portrait Project and Plant and Animal pictures are updated. 🙂

Good luck to those of you who are snowed in. I hope you are all have supplies, are safe, and warm. You’re in our thoughts.

Lots of videos today:

This is a video of us teaching while there was a DOWNPOUR on the tin roof. It was impossible to hear, and it was total chaos for a while. But we organized into a line, and made it fun. It wasn’t very productive, but it was fun! That is not static that you hear… it’s rain.

This is how the kids know to go to class at the primary school:

Kids imitating violin playing:

We went to a rug store, where they do everything by hand, from brushing out and spinning the wool, to weaving the rugs. Amazing.

This is how the little ones learn English at the primary school here, by sheer repetition. They are saying, “Stomach.”

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