3rd full day with the kids

This is the third full day with the kids. When you look at all that they can do, it is quite amazing. We only have seen these kids for 3 hours, and then in a big group on the mini-day. It’s not perfect, but that’s not the point. We are trying to set the groundwork for what is to come later, and we are preparing for a concert on Friday. We have all, separately, noticed a few things about these kids:
* They all work HARD. When our backs are turned, they are often practicing what we just taught them, teaching someone else who isn’t understanding, or listening to what we are saying to someone else so that they can soak it all in.
* They help each other. Kids help each other – that happens all the time. But these kids really take it upon themselves to make sure no one is left behind. It’s really touching.
* They are amazing at imitation. For any child, if he or she can’t do something, it’s always best to demonstrate rather than talk. But since most of the singing and learning for these kids is based on rote call-and-response, they are quite gifted at picking things up by imitation. This has helped us with the language barrier as well.
The schedule is tough – we are teaching 5 hours a day now. But we get breaks, so the hours get split up. It is hot, and we are all teaching in seven small groups each hour under one roof. It’s tiring work, so I’m going to sleep!

Here’s a video from today:

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