Happy Birthday, Geri! (Part 2)

So, I went into the kitchen, and kind of hung out with the cooks. Mostly, I was their sous-chef. I chopped all the cabbage, greens, onions, eggplant, and zucchini for dinner, which served 42 people. It was fun to see how their kitchen worked. They fed all those people, and then also cooked the treats (fries, roasted chicken, fried goat, mashed potatoes, rice, fruits and cabbage) for the swimmers. There were LOTS of swimmers today. People from the community come in, pay money to swim, and then buy food and drinks if they want to. This is another way the Thiiri Centre, where we are staying, makes money.

We have been joined by six people: three kids (Lucy, Orly, Eitan), two parents (Dolcy and Ilan), and Ann Ogren. (I will get all the names later.) They came from Michigan together, and in the air, there was a call for doctors by the flight attendants. So Ilan (Eitan and Orly’s father) is a doctor and went to go see what was happening. There was a man who had passed out, hit and cut his chin, and I think he was unconscious. There was equipment there, but apparently it was faulty. The flight attendants were pushing the doctors to decide what to do, because they had to choose whether to redirect the plane or not. Ilan managed to take care of this man, whose name is John, and brought him back to consciousness. And then, after basically saving this man’s life, it turns out that John is the person that was to drive with Ilan and the rest of the new crew to Meru. John is coming to the Thiiri to help with a chicken farm. Small world!!

For dinner, we were surprised with a special treat for Geri’s birthday. Marilyn, the woman who runs the facilities here, led us to a special room with a big table set for just us. (We usually eat in a bigger dining hall.) We had our food there, and then they served sodas for drinks. A treat! And for dessert, we had cake and ice cream. Bill whipped out some party favors (party horns with ribbons on the end), which really made it a party.

We already made some new nicknames: Lucy is “Fanta,” I am “taka taka,” and Marilyn is either “Arturo” or “Granola.”

Click on this picture to see Picasa album:

Sunday – Happy Birthday Geri!

This is a video of one of the call-and-response praise songs from the first church service. There were things that were “ordinary” to me, like singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” to an overhead projector showing the words. But I thought I’d post things that were out of the ordinary for me, like the video below. Unfortunately, a guest evangelist was playing piano, making up chords that totally didn’t go with the music, but the congregation just kept on going.

I plan on posting another video here of a children’s choir performance, but it’s taking a long time to load. I’ll post it when it is finished.

Happy birthday song for Geri “Satchmo” Arnold:

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