Happy Birthday, Geri! (Church & free day)

Today is Geri Arnold’s 60th birthday. A big one! And we will celebrate with the arrival of three of her students. Two are from one family, and those parents are coming. Also, we will welcome Anne Ogren to our teaching crew. She is coming with that same group. We have a little birthday celebration planned for tonight, and I think there are even party favors involved! By the way, Geri says hi to her family! I hear that her husband and daughter are reading the blog, and maybe even her son… and who knows, maybe others as well!

This morning, we went to church, and we performed in two services. The first service was in English, and there were a lot of primary school students there, as well as some people from the community. I was brought up in the Protestant church, so nothing really stuck out except for the style of singing. I caught some videos of that. The “World Evangelists” are in town for a meeting, so there was a guest sermon by Pastor Eddie Fox, from Nashville. He looks and sounds like Jimmy Carter. The second service was all in Kimeru, the local tribal language, with some English translation here and there. The Bishop was in attendance, and he introduced Larry first. Then the Bishop translated for Bill, who said “Hello, and greetings from my home church, The Methodist Community Church of Lansing.” When the Bishop translated Bill’s words, the entire congregation broke out into laughter. It was so funny. Marilyn and I were joking that the Bishop probably made a bald joke. But in fact, everyone was laughing because the Bishop said that he couldn’t remember everything that Bill said, and that whatever Bill said is where he was from. There was lots of music in the service, with our performance, a performance by a local school choir and the church choir, and also praise songs and hymns. Marilyn wore her African dress that was made for her in Uganda by the mother of the girl she sponsors. It is beautiful!

When we came back to the Thiiri Centre, our housing facility, Ann, Geri and I swam. Marilyn dipped her feet in the pool too. Joshua, our driver, went to the supermarket and bought us a plastic Winnie the Pooh ball to use in the pool, and it’s been a big hit. The ball has been in constant use since I brought it to the pool at noon. At the pool, it was a bit more international than I have been used to seeing. I talked with a man from Japan who is here for 2 years; I saw a group of expats from the Middle East; and I also saw a few caucasians, which has been rare for us.

Now, I go to the kitchen to watch/help the cooks with their food (and to socialize), and then we’ll have dinner and Geri’s birthday party. A successful day off, if you ask me!

I’ll try to post pictures and videos of the service later tonight.


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