Half-day with kids, rest of day off

Today, we had a short day with the kids — just 2 classes of 30 minutes. No instruments today, and it went by fast. Geri and Ann were brilliant, as usual, and we got a lot of review in a very small period of time. Marilyn got a really cute picture of a little girl, which is in the album at the bottom of this page. Here are some YouTube videos from the class.

Today, we drove through Meru to get to Nakumatt, the new Target-like superstore. It wasn’t anything new for us, but I thought that some of you reading this might like to see pictures of the city.

We also visited Kenya Methodist University (KEMU), which was established by the Bishop Lawi Imathiu. He formed the university because he was unhappy that not all types of people were allowed to attend the closest university, Kenyata University in Nairobi. He got a doubling grant from the Kenyan government when they found out he had raised enough money to form a university. With that money, he formed Meru University (which we didn’t visit), the second college in Meru.

After visiting KEMU, we drove up a large hill to overlook the flatlands of Samburu, which is where we will go on safari after our teaching is over. Those plains are home to the nomadic Samburu people, which I hope to see. We might never get a picture of any Samburu tribesmen (nor the Masai Mara tribesmen), who dress in bright red — they are usually not happy with people taking pictures of them.

We have to be careful when taking pictures of locals, because they might ask us to pay them money for taking pictures without asking. Most people just are very shy about pictures, so sometimes we sneak the pictures from the van before they notice. Underhanded, I suppose, but we still do it.

Click here for pictures from today:

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