Who is here

I am here. So is Marilyn Kesler, who is a retired orchestra director from Okemos. She is also a Suzuki cello teacher and teacher trainer, as well as a current board member (and future board president) of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Larry Dittmar is our ringleader. He has been here eight times already, and is a retired orchestra director from the Ann Arbor Public Schools. He started the band in Meru in 2007, and has returned many times for that project and also this new one. Bill Tennant is a retired orchestra director from the St. Johns Public Schools, and is currently the school board president of that school system. He is also active with scholarship auditions for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camps. Ann Schoelles is a retired teacher from the Midland schools and was also a Suzuki violin and viola teacher. She currently lives near Traverse City. Geri Arnold is a Suzuki violin teacher and teacher trainer, and currently has a full studio in Ann Arbor. Good luck to her and her husband as they relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina. I think that her husband may be looking for an apartment right now! Later in the week, Anne Ogren will join us. She is a retired violin teacher from Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, the only other thing I know about her is that she is Abby Alwin’s mother. I will learn more about her for sure! She will be joined by three of Geri Arnold’s students, and one set of parents.

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