Preparing instruments, meeting the teacher

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Day before teaching begins

We are all very impressed with Boniface, who is the local band director and will be the strings teacher. He didn’t know a single instrument or how to read music when he started in 2007, yet he obviously knows many fundamentals that will make his string-playing life easier. Having a photographic memory probably also helps. We met with Boniface and Andrew, who is takes care of inventory and repair for the band. He is also learning how string instruments work so that he can do any minor repairs that arise.

Today, we unpacked instruments; tuned them; put on finger tapes; rosined bows (most of which are new); labeled each instrument and case with an inventory number. That took eight of us all morning. Now, after another delicious meal, we are going to visit the city of Meru.

We see the kids for the first time tomorrow. We will have four hours of teaching per day, with 30 kids in each class. We’ve got a game plan for Day 1 and maybe Day 2, and from there, we are going by a “let’s wait and see” lesson plan.

Fun fact for the day: We planned on using the words “Taka Taka Stop Stop” for the first variation of Twinkle, but “taka” means “garbage” in Swahili. Ha!

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