First impressions of Kenya

Out of Africa

This photo from Out of Africa is what I imagined it would be like here.

Oops I erased this one. Sorry! I think I kind of remember what I wrote. If I am missing anything that someone thinks I should put in here, please enlighten me.

I came to Africa with the impression that basically I would see the picture on the left, from Out of Africa (which was incidentally shot near where we are). Boy was I wrong. It is a rich, lush landscape of farmland (lots of coffe, tea, banana trees, corn, wheat, canola…). Nairobi was very crowded, with small businesses and funny smells, but still had large buildings next to ransacked ones.

The drive to Meru was filled with lots of new experiences. I think that, by far, the best one was the random elephant spotting on the side of the road. It was right next to the road – I could have thrown a rock at it (for real) – and people were walking really close to it. Amazing. We also went to a trout farm, where there were monkeys just hanging out in the trees next to us. They were very curious about us, and seemed to want to steal our food. I think they would have if we had stayed longer. Along the road, there were lots of carts pulled by people, donkeys, horses, cows, you name it. Also, women of all ages carry extremely heavy loads on their backs. Apparently, it’s not cool for a woman to have a pull cart, but they haul just as much crap as the men do. And everyone seems to walk. There are plenty of people who drive, but SO MANY people were walking, not just along side roads, but along the major highways. One guy was even pulling his cart on a major highway.

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